TAKÁCS QUARTET Beethoven: Quartets opp.95, 130 & 133

“The Taká cs evidently appreciate this music both as musical argument and as sound … the overall impression is lean but expressive, with sweetness kept within bounds … where Beethoven cues a savage attack he gets it, but where the heart rules, as it so often does in these works, the Taká cs take his lead there too … this set completes one of the best available cycles, possibly the finest in an already rich digital market … at no point did I find the Taká cs significantly wanting. They do Beethoven proud and no one couldreasonably ask for more.”

Ludwig van Beethoven1770-1827
[1]-[4] Quartet in F minor, op.95 “Quartetto serioso” 20:28
[5]-[10] Quartet in B flat, op.130 48:03
[11] Große Fuge, op.133 9:19

Takács Quartet
Edward Dusinberre violin • Károly Schranz violin
Roger Tapping viola • András Fejér cello
recorded 2003, 2004

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