LARROCHA Granados: Goyescas · Falla: Noches en los jardines de España

Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos

“Alicia de Larrocha brings special insights and sympathy to the Goyescas (given top-drawer Decca sound in 1976); her playing has the crisp articulation and rhythmic vitality that these pieces call for, while she is hauntingly evocative in Q uejas ó L a maja y el ruiseñ or. The overall impression could hardly be more idiomatic in flavour or more realistic as a recording.”
The Penguin Guide

Enrique Granados 1867-1916
[1]-[6] Goyescas 52:25
[7] El Pelele 4:30

Manuel de Falla 1867-1916
[8]-[10] Noches en los jardines de España* 24:48

Alicia de Larrocha piano
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos
recorded 1976, 1983*

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