HOGWOOD Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

Christopher Hogwood

“Catherine Bott is a fine Dido, even-voiced across the range and powerfully expressive … John Mark Ainsley easily stands as the finest Aeneas since David Thomas. This is a very difficult role to handle dramatically, because its moods change so fast; and Ainsley handles all this with breathtaking ease. This is a classic interpretation. So too is Hogwood’s reading of the score.”
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Henry Purcell 1659-1695
[1]-[34] Dido and Aeneas 52:26

Dido Catherine Bott
Belinda Emma Kirkby
Aeneas John Mark Ainsley
Sorceress David Thomas
First Witch Elizabeth Priday
Second Witch Sara Stowe
Second Woman Julianne Baird
First Sailor Daniel Lochmann
Spirit Michael Chance
Chorus and Orchestra of
The Academy of Ancient Music
Christopher Hogwood
recorded 1992

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