DOHNÁNYI Schoenberg, Berg & Webern

Christoph von Dohnányi

“Anja Silja is at her most passionately committed. The sound under pressure may be raw, but the self-tortured questionings of the central character come over grippingly, and the digital sound is exceptionally vivid.”
The Penguin Guide

Arnold Schoenberg 1874-1951
[1]-[9] Erwartung, op.17 28:41

Alban Berg 1885-1935
[10]-[14] Lulu Suite** 34:38

Anton Webern 1883-1945
[15] In Sommerwind* 14:43

Anja Silja soprano
Wiener Philharmoniker
The Cleveland Orchestra*
Christoph von Dohnányi
recorded 1979, 1973**, 1991*

** first international CD release

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